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Bark Avenue Montreal arose from what we felt the Montreal area was lacking and what we were looking for, a safe, supervised, and clean environment in which to leave our dogs.

We don’t trust dog parks because you lack a certain level of control. There are no guarantees in a dog park. Is the other dog vaccinated? Friendly? Sterilized? Are the owners responsible and watching their own dog? We were at a loss.

We found ourselves disappointed a lot of the time when searching for somewhere to leave our dogs, so we came up with the idea of Bark Avenue Montreal. We offer all the things we were always looking for and unable to find in a dog care facility. Professionally staffed daycares, safe and clean environment, mandatory vaccines, no BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), and most of all a genuine love for all dogs.

We have large (7200 square foot) outdoor space with a eight-foot fence and a lot of tables and structures to jump on. Free flowing fresh water in bowls, pools, from the hose and even sprinklers. Your dog will be happy and cool all summer long.

During the colder months we have a daycare space inside. We have tables to jump on, plenty of space to run around and always free flowing fresh water..

Is my dog eligible for solo play? 

Safety is always our number one concern. 

All our dogs in daycare are sterilized and up to date on mandatory vaccines. The vaccines which we require are DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies.

*Packages may not be combined with other offers or substituted for other services.

*Packages must be paid in full on the first day.

*10 day packages are valid for 3 months, 20 day packages are valid for 5 months and 30 day packages are valid for 6 months.

*Taxes not included.


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