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Thanks for reaching out to Bark Avenue Montreal. We would love to have your dog join us for daycare!

In order to make sure that your dog would be happy here and is a good fit, we need to do an evaluation in advance of being able to attend daycare.

Please fin the Inquiry Form below that we need you to review, complete and submit. We will also need copies of your dog’s vaccination certificates for Bordetella, Rabies and DHPP and proof of sterilization which you can email to us at

Once we have all that information, we will schedule a 2 hour evaluation where we ask you to drop off your dog so we have a chance to meet and get to know them.

Once the evaluation is over you can come pick them up or let them stay for the rest of the day.  The evaluation is free but should you decide to let him stay for the afternoon, there would be a fee.

IMPORTANT: In addition to filling out the below, please download these two forms, fill it out and send it back to us via email to complete your registration: DOWNLOAD HERE and DOWNLOAD HERE

We look forward to meeting you!

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