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We offer two (2) types of Boarding services.  We offer Boarding and Daycare for dogs eligible to attend daycare and we offer Boarding and Solo Play for dogs that are not eligible to attend daycare or who would benefit more from one-on-one playtime with staff rather than attend daycare.

Boarding and Daycare

For dogs already enrolled in our daycare, we offer the Boarding and Daycare option. Dogs enrolled in Boarding and Daycare will attend daycare during the day as well as two additional playtimes that are outside our normal daycare hours. All dogs eat and sleep in their own private and size-appropriate enclosure and have access to water at all times. Our staff will have the pleasure of tucking in your dog, who is provided with a dog bed, blanket(s) and chew toys to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you would like your dog to attend daycare while they board, please refer to our daycare service in order to ensure they are eligible. A daycare evaluation must be performed in advance of booking a Boarding and Daycare reservation.

Boarding and Solo Play

For dogs not eligible for daycare or who have not completed the daycare evaluation, we offer Boarding and Solo Play. Dogs enrolled in Boarding and Solo Play will benefit from one-on-one playtime with staff multiple times throughout the day. These dogs are assigned large private enclosures and provided with toys to play with and chew on throughout the day when not enjoying one-on-one playtime. Playtimes are spread out through the day and focus on your dog’s needs and preferences.

If this is your dog’s first-time boarding, please let us know. It will be our pleasure to take extra time and take any additional steps necessary in order to ease any concerns you may have and to ensure your dog is comfortable during their stay.

We ask that owners provide pre-portioned meals for the duration of their dog’s stay as well as any medication they may require. We ask that enough meals and medication to cover your dog’s stay plus one (1) or two (2) additional days. This ensures that we have everything necessary to keep your dog if you experience delays. We ask that no toys, blankets or personal items be brought from home when dropping your dog off for boarding. Your dog will be provided with all of these items while they’re with us. Please note that meals that are not pre-portioned are subject to surcharges on a per meal basis. You may request that your dog be fed Bark Food during their stay instead of providing your own food. In this case you will be charged for Bark Food on a per meal basis. There is no charge for the administration of medication. We encourage owners to provide medication in pill organizers. Meal containers/baggies and pill organizers will be returned.

Boarding fees are charged on a 24-hour basis and a deposit is required for all boarding reservations.

Please note that all boarding dogs must be up to date on their Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies vaccines.

Existing clients can submit a request for boarding through our app.

We recommend all clients consult the Terms & Conditions before booking.

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