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Boarding at Bark Avenue Montreal is like home away from home. Each dog’s stay is tailored to their specific wants and needs. 

Some dogs like to run and play, others like to cuddle and some just want to sit with you. Whatever their needs, we can accommodate.

We understand some dogs get anxious or nervous in a new environment. In these cases, we take the time to slowly introduce the building, staff members and if fitting, a few dogs. We will sit together so they know they are not alone.

All dogs get cuddles and cookies (if permitted) before bedtime. A few toys, bones, blankets, water, and a bed. 

We have 2 types of boarding options available.

Kennel Boarding

This is a five by six-foot space with tiled floor and walls, mesh top, and a ¾ privacy door so they can see out the top safely. In their kennel they will have a bed, water, toys, bones, blankets, and anything else they may want. 

Crate Boarding (this option is for daycare dogs only)

The crates we use are made by Precision. They are very strong are durable. The crate size is in accordance with the size of your dog. If we have a larger size available, we will upgrade the dog. In their crate they have blankets, toys, bones, water. 

The Crate Boarding option is available only for dogs who are eligible for daycare. This means the dog will play all day with other dogs in a professionally supervised environment. Please see our Daycare page for more details. 

If daycare is not for your dog, they will receive approximately five fifteen-minute outings per day. During this time they can play, cuddle, run, or simply lounge around and will always be accompanied by a staff member.

What is Required?

If your dog has had their vaccines updated since their last visit, please bring a copy for our files.

We are fully stocked on toys, treats, blankets, beds, bowls, and anything else your furry friends may need during their stay with us. 

You are welcome to bring your own dog food. Many dogs do much better if their food is kept consistent.

If you would like us to feed your dog our Bark Avenue Montreal food, we carry Fromm dry food and wet food as well as Tollden Farms raw food.

The cost for Kibble is $8 per day and for raw it is Raw $15 per day.

We also sell Fromm 4, 12 and 26-pound bags and Tollden Farms 8-pound bags should you chose to purchase food on site.

We are more than happy to accommodate any special diets and/or any special medication needs.

Please note: Prices below are based on a 24 hour time period. Prices are subject to change during Peak Dates.

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