Top 8 Reasons to Choose Bark Avenue.

Top 8 Reasons to Choose Bark Avenue.

Safe socializing in a professionally supervised environment.

  • At Bark Avenue Montreal we pride ourselves in safety. We have been following the same practices in our daycare for 8 years. Our daycares are supervised by professionally trained staff. To have supervision in the room (and not by camera while sitting at a desk) will ensure your dogs safety.
  • We make sure every dog passes our evaluation and is up to date on all vaccines.
  • By following these practices we can keep your pup healthy and safe.

Physical exercise and mental stimulation.

  • Physical exercise and mental stimulation are both equally important. We can tire out your dog everyday with lots of physical playtime. Running around with their friends all day is exhausting, but it is not enough at the end of the day.
  • During down times at Bark Avenue Montreal we make sure to offer each dog enrichment. Depending on their needs, wants and abilities, we tailor each enrichment activity for each specific dog.

Helps with separation anxiety.

  • Daycare is the perfect option for separation anxiety. By giving your dog an alternative behaviour outside of the house, like socializing, you are removing them from the place that makes them the most anxious and bringing them somewhere with friends, activities and lots of love. Whether your dog is playful or just wants cuddles and love, they will be stimulated and busy even by just watching all the action go by.

Relief from boredom/change of scenery.

  • When we leave for the day we kiss our pup good bye and go. But then what? What does your dog do when you’re gone? As the most loyal companion, they sit and wait for you (or sleep).
  • But imagine taking them for that exciting car ride, the look on their face as they approach Bark Avenue and then dropping them off for a fun day of daycare… fun, kisses, and play. What could be better?

Provides a routine.

  • Routine is important for people and dogs alike which is why at Bark Avenue Montreal we provide a consistent daily routine to help dogs thrive. There are no guessing games, the dogs know exactly what’s next and what to expect. A solid routine helps plan for a fun day.

Burn off extra energy.

  • Bark Avenue Montreal allows everyone to stretch their legs, run free and with friends. The only rule here is to be a nice dog. We do not ask the dogs for anything other than to behave. So what do they do; they run, they jump, they play…all day long.

Rain, shine, sleet or snow Bark Avenue Montreal will always be there.

  • So now that you have found a daycare that you love, what happens when its a bad snow storm? Or a holiday? What if its an emergency? Will they still be available? The answer is YES. We will be here for you. 

A tired dog makes for a happy owner.

  • After a long day most of us want to sit down and relax for a few minutes. Well this is possible, because after a long day at Bark Avenue Montreal daycare your dog is going to want to curl up next to you and relax. Enjoy the moment!

Come see what the hype is about for yourself (and for your dog!).

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